Clean Start Co. offers professional and affordable residential cleaning services on a once-off, fortnightly, weekly or even more regular basis, depending on each client’s personal preference and/or cleaning needs.

The cleaning duties included in our residential cleaning services, are summarised in our “Regular Cleaning Checklist” and “Once-Off Cleaning Checklist”.  However, one client’s home and cleaning needs may vary significantly from the next client.  Our services are therefore flexible and will be tailored to meet each client's personal cleaning needs.  More time will generally be allocated for a once-off clean than for a regular clean of a property of the same size, due to more cleaning tasks included in a once-off residential cleaning service.  However, some clients opt for a "quick once-off clean", which will only include the cleaning tasks as stipulated in the "Regular Cleaning Checklist".  

All additional or alternative cleaning requests, for example washing, ironing, stripping & remaking of beds etc. should be discussed with a Clean Start Co. consultant prior to the date of a scheduled residential cleaning service. It is also important to keep in mind that a domestic cleaner can’t be expected to perform special requests on top of her usual checklist cleaning duties in the same time allocated for a service. One might need to sacrifice on some of the general checklist duties or allocate more time for a house cleaner to achieve a desired outcome. 

With our residential cleaning services, Clean Start Co. provides the cleaner only. Clients provide their own cleaning supplies and equipment. Call 0456 553 939 for more information about our residential cleaning services.

home cleans
Once-Off house clean


-  Vacuum all carpet area & hard surface floors

-  Hard floor areas mopped and sanitised

-  Dust furniture, skirting boards and windowsills

-  Remove finger marks from doors and light switches

-  Kitchen bench tops, sinks, splashback and stove top cleaned

-  Microwave cleaned inside and outside

-  Laundry sink and bench tops cleaned

-  Bathroom, shower and toilets cleaned & sanitised

-  Mirrors cleaned and polished

-  Rubbish bins emptied


-  Vacuum all carpet areas and hard surface floors

-  Vacuum underneath removable upholstered furniture cushions

-  Hard floor areas mopped and sanitised

-  Dusting furniture, lamp shades, ornaments and picture frames

-  Dusting shelves & display units

-  Wipe down skirtings boards and windowsills

-  Sanitise tables and chairs

-  Kitchen bench tops, sinks & cupboard fronts cleaned

-  Splashbacks, stovetops & hotplates cleaned

-  Microwave oven cleaned inside and outside

-  Laundry sink and bench tops cleaned

-  Bathroom, shower and toilets cleaned & sanitised

-  Mirrors cleaned and polished

-  Interior cobwebs removed

-  Dust and wipe down ceiling fans, exhaust fans and air vents

-  Wipe down doors, door frames, skirting boards, light switches & power points

-  Rubbish bins emptied & wiped down

-  Sweep front entry

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