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1.  Introduction

The assurance of quality is fundamental for all work undertaken by Clean Start Co. It will always be the objective of the organisation to achieve the highest degree of quality in its products and services commensurate with requirements as defined and agreed in the client's specification.

In order to ensure continuity of performance, Clean Start Co. have established and maintain an effective Quality Assurance Programme.

We monitor all our projects through our audit system. This Standard is re-enforced by regular Management Inspections, which are carried out without notice to all our project locations.

Clean Start Co. will provide a cleaning service which will enable us to complete the cleaning of all areas of your premises as defined under the scope of the contract and to meet the performance requirements of the agreement. When any part of our service is sub-contracted out we will assume responsibility to ensure all sub-contractors so employed will be fully competent in accordance with accepted industry standards or legislated standards. In addition we will ensure that all sub-contractors have adequate insurance including employer’s liability policy and public liability policy to the level as stated in the terms of the contract.


2.  Monitoring Standards

Each project has a Supervisor appointed to it responsible for managing the teams of cleaners and monitoring the standard of cleaning.

Clean Start Co. is using an audit system approach on all our projects. Using the quality control system, we manage, schedule and monitor regular site audits, which we mark using the traffic light system. The traffic light system is a simple way to see quality at a glance. The traffic light system scores each task listed in the scope of work and allocate a green for fine, yellow for concern and red for unacceptable. This gives a rating accordingly and our aim is to achieve 90% at every site.  Results of audits are reviewed on a monthly basis by the Managing Director.

Sites are monitored and audited on a monthly or quarterly basis – dependent on size, number of cleaning staff etc.


3.  Customer Complaints

We take any Customer Complaints that we may receive seriously. The complaint will be logged on our internal system and is then communicated to the Supervisor by telephone and email, this creates the Supervisor will then carry out an investigation within 24 hours of receiving the complaint. All complaints are reviewed on a monthly basis by the Managing Director.


4.  Staff Training

Clean Start Co. is a member of the Building Services Contractors Association of Australia Inc. (BSCAA).  As a minimum, Clean Start Co. employees will complete the BSCAA Cleaning Induction Course to ensure that staff understand their roles, responsibilities and the organization’s values and goals and how these contribute to providing quality services.  In addition, each employee will be given a copy of the Cleaning Specification so that they know all the areas to be cleaned.

All of our cleaners are experienced with demonstrated skills in cleaning work practices. Ongoing training and supervision is provided by our Supervisors.

Training covers:

  • Legislation
  • Hazard identification
  • Managing risks
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Hygiene and infection control
  • Correct use of cleaning compounds
  • Correct use of cleaning accessories
  • Correct use of cleaning machinery
  • Waste management
  • Dust control
  • Carpet care and cleaning
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Hard floor surfaces care and cleaning
  • Toilet/bathroom cleaning

We also provide information and operator skills for newly introduced equipment and materials, or to provide update or refresher training.


5.  Hygiene

Colour coding of materials and equipment is an important measure to reduce the chance of cross infection.  Clean Start Co. use the following colour coding system:

  • Wash basins and washroom surfaces - YELLOW
  • Sanitary appliances and washroom floors - RED
  • General food and bar use - GREEN
  • General Cleaning – BLUE


6.  Chemical, materials, equipment and machinery

It is Clean Start Co.’s Policy that its staff and users of the facility being cleaned must be protected against hazardous chemicals and unsafe work practices. (Refer to Clean Start Co. Health Safety and Environment Policy)

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