Welcome to Clean Start Co!  Clean Start Co. has been established as a reputable Commercial and Residential Cleaning Service provider throughout the Perth region.  We pride ourselves on our immaculate, high standard cleaning services, the longevity of our client and employee relationships, our great response time and our competitive pricing.

All our cleaners are directly employed by Clean Start Co. and are fully trained and police checked before commencing employment with us.  Our cleaners are also covered by both Public Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance.  We recognise that having good quality, experienced and motivated cleaners is vital to providing a great service to our clients.  We spend significant time on recruiting, screening, training, supervising and uplifting of our cleaners, to make sure that they fit in with our company’s goals and cleaning approach.  All the latest cleaning equipment is provided in Commercial Cleaning Services, to assure that all the client’s personal cleaning requirements are being met.

At Clean Start Co. we have developed a unique culture with pride, resulting in enduring relationships and organisational stability.  We take the time to understand each client’s unique cleaning needs and the specific environment(s) in which they operate.  This enables us to assist clients in achieving their short and long-term cleaning goals.  Maintaining our high quality, professional standards, requires a willingness to evolve with our clients and make continual improvements to our business model and the cleaning services we provide where necessary, to meet our clients’ unique cleaning needs.

To ensure we fulfill our promise to clients, we focus on:

Customer Satisfaction

Clean Start Co. has an outstanding reputation of quality, efficiency and integrity within the Perth Commercial Cleaning sector.  We promote a culture of over-delivering, striving not only to meet our clients’ expectations, but to exceed them, through innovative techniques and hard-working staff.

Attention to Detail

At Clean Start Co. we encourage our cleaners to perform to their highest standard and best ability during every cleaning service. We strive to go beyond general surface cleaning by paying particular attention to detail in order to exceed clients’ expectations


We maintain a regular and ongoing dialogue with our clients, supervisors and cleaners to ensure our services are of highest quality and to identify any areas for improvement or change.

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